"Life is too short

not to be Italian!"

About Mamma Onesti's

Owner Frank Scarpino has many years of experience in the food industry and restaurant business.  Frank says he comes from a third generation restaurant family, having had his own restaurants before, including a Mamma Onesti’s on Route 41,which was the original Mamma Onesti’s that opened in 1981. Frank has a colorful geographic history beginning in Philadelphia, moving on to New York, Atlantic City, and then Sarasota.

In 1981 Frank migrated to Sarasota from the East Coast of Florida.  He had heard about the West coast, the people and the opportunities.  Being a true Italian, Frank makes his own sauce from a family recipe, makes and throws his own pizza dough, and has some signature dishes that are favorites with clientele.  His approach is hands-on.  People actually call before they come and say, “ is Frank going to be there tonight?”  When the people ask for you, you know you’re doing something right.

There’s always something wonderful about the smell of a good Italian restaurant.  It brings to mind your childhood memories, if you grew up around or in an Italian neighborhood.  Mix that with a welcoming atmosphere, a very friendly staff and prices you can afford.  Come to Mamma! She’s waiting to serve you.  Or as Frank always says: Life is too short not to be Italian!


  • 6152 14th Street West
    Bradenton FL 34207

Opening Hours

7 Days a Week
11am - 10pm

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